Announcing POGA Yez - Launching August, 1st 20:00 (8pm CET)

Announcing POGA Yez - Launching August, 1st 20:00 (8pm CET)

Say YES to POGA Yez!
Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level and provide a lush new home for your Playstation 5? Our POGA Family has a new member and this is (literally) our biggest launch:
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🖥️ 28-Inch AOC Gaming Screen? OH YEZ!
Immerse yourself in amazing visuals with the 28-inch AOC gaming screen, offering sharp images and vibrant colors.⚡ 1ms HDR 400 IPS Panel: Say goodbye to motion blur and lag with the 1ms response time, and enjoy enhanced contrast and brightness with HDR 400.

🔊 External POGA Cue Soundbar? YEZ YEZ YEZ!!!
Get ready for an auditory treat with the external POGA Cue Soundbar, delivering crystal-clear sound and immersive gaming audio.

🔌 Wireless Charger & USB Hub? FINALLY, YEZ!
Never worry about low battery during intense gaming sessions - the POGA YEZ comes with a convenient wireless charger and USB hub to keep your devices powered up.

👜 Removable Trolley? YEZ, for sure!
Whether you're heading to events, schools, clubs, universities, or tournaments, the POGA YEZ removable trolley ensures easy transportation and setup.

💎 Premium Quality Materials? Well YEZ of course!
Crafted with top-notch materials, the POGA YEZ caters to the premium segment, ensuring durability and a luxurious gaming experience. And just like all our products POGA YEZ is made in Germany.

🎯 Limitless Options? YEZ Please!
The versatility of the POGA YEZ makes it suitable for a wide range of settings, including gaming events, educational institutions, clubs, universities, and competitive tournaments.

You said YEZ to all of the above? We love it! Now get ready to redefine your gaming set-up with the POGA YEZ. Stay tuned for the launch date and be prepared to elevate your gaming experience to new heights! 🚀🎮

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