PlayStation 5: What to expect from this Next Gen Console

PlayStation 5: What to expect from this Next Gen Console

With a bit of luck, gaming fans will have a special reason to celebrate Christmas 2020. The holidays might see the release of the new PlayStation 5. Granted, Sony has not revealed a lot of information yet. But the things we DO know sound exciting, to say the least. In this article we present to you all the official (and unofficial but plausible) facts about Sony's new console.

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Hardware and Performance

The new PlayStation 5 will be powered by an eight core processor with Custom AMD Navi GPU. An unofficial leak puts the chip's performance at 9.2 Teraflops. If this is true, the console could render games more than four times faster than the PlayStation 4. But the new hardware also comes with other perks:


For the first time, the PlayStation 5 will feature hardware-based Ray Tracing, a technology responsible for realistic light and shadow effects. Thanks to this advancement, games will look even more lifelike – without causing frame rates to drop. If you own a state of the art TV, you can enjoy even more visual pleasure, as the PlayStation 5 will support 8K resolution.


Responsible for the perfect ambience is a 3D Audio Chip. Detailed hardware specs are not available yet. However, lead system architect Mark Cerny announced that the PlayStation 5 will set the new gold standard for console sound. Many experts place their bet on the use of DolbyAtmos. This would mean that sounds in video games come from all directions, even from above or below the player – a good reason to save money for some new headphones.

Hard Drive and Disc Drive

Sony has listened to its fans. For the first time, the developers are implementing an SSD card in the new PlayStation 5. This will make the hard drive a whopping 19 times faster than the predecessor. Not only will this help get rid of loading screens. An SSD drive also allows for games with far bigger data, which makes things like sharper textures and seamless Open World simulations possible. Users will also have the option to install games bit by bit, for example if they only want to use the Singleplayer or Multiplayer mode.

PlayStation 5 games will still be released in physical form on Blue Ray Discs. As a new feature, however, the disc drive will be able to play Blue Ray movies in 4K quality.


It is official: PlayStation 4 games will run on the PlayStation 5. Nostalgic players should be excited: Rumor has it that PlayStation 1 titles will be compatible with the new console in one form or the other. This comes from a potential insider who in a tweet advised players not to throw away their old games. Alternatively, old titles could re-launch with improved graphics. Sony did celebrate the PlayStation´s 25th birthday in 2019. As a gift to loyal fans, both possibilities do not seem far-fetched.


The exact design of the PS5 controller is still a mystery. What has been confirmed is that it sports a USB C port and can be plugged into the PlayStation 4. Highly plausible are two additional keys that can be assigned manually.

Vibration has long been a feature of PlayStation controllers. The 5th generation will bring this technology to a whole new level of realism thanks to Haptic Feedback. Developer announcements sound like Science Fiction: Imagine walking on rocks, through mud or high grass in a video game. Haptic Feedback promises to simulate these different surfaces with realistic vibrations. Another feature is called "Trigger Adaptive Resistance". To illustrate it, Sony uses the example of drawing a bowstring, which gets harder the longer you pull. The new controller will simulate this effect with varying key resistance, for example demanding more pressure to fire a heavy weapon. FPS games in particular could reach new heights of realism thanks to this feature.

Virtual Reality

While 5th generation PlayStation VR has not been confirmed officially, Sony did take out a patent for a new VR headset with 5 cameras. This wireless model will definitely not be released with the PS 5. However, VR headsets for PlayStation 4 will be compatible with the new console.


Titles for the new PlayStation 5 include:


Nothing official has surfaced from the developers yet. According to a leak, the PlayStation 5 will cost 499 USD. This sounds legit, as Sony has already revealed they do not want to charge more than 500 USD. However, one should not hope for a price below 400 USD due to the new, expensive cooling system used for the PS 5.