Robinho is #POGAMER: We present!

Robinho is #POGAMER: We present!

There he is – Robinho, proudly presenting his new POGA Pro Case by Indigaming. His two children are glowing with excitement, too. Who will be the first to play on this portable console? And can dad handle the controller as well as he handles the real ball?

One thing is for sure: Robinho, whose real name is Robson de Souza, does not have to prove anything anymore when it comes to football. He started playing in the slums of Sao Paolo before being signed by FC Santos – the same club that had discovered football legend Pelé 50 years earlier. In 2003, Robinho and his teammates made it to the finals of the Copa Libertadores, South America's equivalent to the UEFA Champions League.

It was not long before European clubs set eyes on the new forward talent, and in 2005 Robinho transferred to Real Madrid. After great success in Spain, he moved on to win the Italian Serie A for AC Milan in 2011. Robinho also earned his stripes in the National Team of Brazil – contributing to their victory in the Copa America 2007. He was named top scorer and most valuable player of this tournament. As if this was not enough, he also helped Brazil win the FIFA Confederations Cup twice.

The World Cup Title has so far been out of reach for Robinho. But at least he has a chance to win it on the virtual turf now. Thanks to his new POGA Pro Case Robinho can lead the Brazilian team to victory at any time. Dribblings, faints and tricks in astonishing speed are his trademark, often leaving his opponents dumbfounded. Of course, to pull this off on console, you need the right hardware. Luckily, the POGA Pro Case sports a lightning-quick reaction time of just 1 millisecond and processes player input immediately. Thanks to a large screen diagonal of 22 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, no detail on the field can escape your eye.

As an active player, Robinho is still traveling a lot – no problem with the POGA Pro. Due to low resistance wheels and ergonomic handles, the case can be transported easily. With a length of only 31 inches it fits perfectly on the living room table as well as in the cabins of the team plane. High-quality synthetics and aluminum offer maximum heat and bump resistance. The case has been fitted perfectly for the dimensions of the PlayStation 4, so everything stays where it should. And the best thing: A second controller is included. Now, Robinho can challenge his friends and teammates to a match. And who knows: Maybe he will meet his old comrades Beckham, Zidane and Ronaldo in FIFA 20´s multiplayer mode.