David Luiz pro POGA

David Luiz pro POGA

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“I want to do big things“ – „I have always loved a challenge“ – 6 foot 2 Brazilian football player David Luiz is not shy about the reasons he transferred to FC Arsenal in 2019. A lot of eyes are fixed on him. Not only because this move brought him closer to scratching the record sum of 120 Million Euros in transfer payments at the tender age of 32.


In 2014 he made headlines by transferring to French Premier League Club Paris Saint-Germain for the record sum of 49.5 Million Euros. But that was only one highlight of this football fairytale: When just starting out, he helped EC Vitoria win the Bahia Cup. The Portuguese Championship and the title of Portugal´s Football Player of the Year 2010 followed. And who could forget 2012, when he and his Chelsea teammates won against FC Bayern Munich – on German ground, that is? Apart from that, Luiz has also played for the National Team of Brazil.


However, even a professional player like David Luiz needs to let off steam from time to time. Luckily, he now owns his own Playstation case. And not just any case. With the POGA Cases, manufacterer Indigaming is setting new standards for Portable Gaming. Features that console players will love include: high quality materials for maximum protection of the console, smart wiring and a high-res screen sporting 1.920 x 1.080 pixels. With this Playstation Case, you do not have to fumble with the wires and controllers first. Just plug in and start the fun.


For a highly focused player like Luiz only the best is good enough. That is why Indigaming provides German quality for Brazilian football magic. Thanks to the extremely quick reaction time of 1 milisecond, player input is converted into passes, crosses and goals immediately. During his title match for Benfica Lissabon, David Ruiz showed that he not only dominates the midfield, but can also score penalty kicks. Will he be able to pull this off in the new FIFA 20 as well?


Maybe the centre back with the iconic haircut wants to relive his biggest football successes one more time – like the UEFA Champions League finals 2012, when his defence held strong against Frank Ribbery and Mario Gomez, the juggernauts of FC Bayern Munich. In real matches Luiz has already made a name for himself due to his commitment, his confidence and his powerful passes. Now he can put his virtual doppelganger on the field in FIFA 20.


But who wants to play alone all the time? Thanks to the second controller stored in the case, David Luiz can now challenge his new teammates at FC Aresnal – and show if his Playstation skills match his prowess on the real turf. What is more, with Playstation 4 Multiplayer Options, he can easily play against his former mates from FC Chelsea.


Since it features an intuitive design and solid but light-weight materials, and since it can be carried comfortably, the POGA Playstation Case makes for an ideal companion at home and at away matches. On the outside it looks like a simple suitcase. Inside, however, the POGA case boasts state of the art technology that makes console players feel like they are in heaven. The Instagram post of David Ruiz says it all: From now on it is game time on the virtual turf.