Kaka is #POGAMER: We present!

Kaka is #POGAMER: We present!

What a surprise for international football star Kaká – as he is opening the seemingly innocent package, it turns out to be a POGA Playstation Case. Now he has a fully functioning console in one box. No need to fumble with the cables for minutes. Instead it´s plug and play. If only everything, including professional soccer, were that easy…

On the virtual turf he looks almost lifelike. Kaká has been immortalized as an Icon in the new FIFA 20. With his characteristic grin he is depicted on a special golden player card. Rightfully so. The football star, who retired in 2017, can look back on an exceptional success story.

For Kaká, or Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, everything began in the youth team of FC Sao Paolo. At the tender age of 19, the native Brazilian turned pro for this team. In his first season alone he scored 12 goals. No wonder that a lot of European football clubs wanted to have this golden boy.

With AC Milano he won the First League as well as the Supercup. He also contributed to Milano´s Champions League victory in the year 2007. In 2015 he transferred to Real Madrid for the awe-inspiring sum of 65 Million Euros, and helped the team win the Spanish championship. He even had a stint in American soccer, playing for Orlando City.

However, the reason he will always be remembered is his time in Brazil´s National Team. In 2002 he won the World Cup. More victories like the FIFA Confederations Cup, the CONCACAF Goldcup and the Copa Roca between Brazil and Argentina followed. Apart from those highlights, Kaká was given the title Football Player of the Year by multiple leagues. He was even honoured as "World Football Player 2007" – a title given to stars like Ronaldo, Messi and Zidane.

Smooth movements, surprising sprints and clever strategy - Kaká´s play style is legendary. What is more, Kaká is able to use both feet and his head to score with deadly precision. His virtual doppelganger in FIFA 20 is standing on the shoulders of a giant. Fortunately, the POGA Playstation Case boasts the right technology to make Brazilian magic happen on the field. Thanks to a short reaction time of 1 milisecond, player input is immediately converted into virtual actions – in the best case a goal for your own team.

Clearly, only the best technology is worthy of a goalgetter like Kaká. Luckily, Indigaming´s POGA Cases set new standards for Portable Gaming. Only synthetic materials of the highest quality and solid aluminum are used to provide ultimate protection for the consol. Nonetheless, the POGA Cases are surprisingly light. Thanks to ergonomic handles and low resistance wheels, they can be transported with ease. Therefore, the case makes for an ideal companion away from home. And while playing, you can even use to USB ports to charge your cellphone.

Of course, with the POGA Case, you do not have to play alone. It contains 2 controllers for matches with friends. The Multiplayer function enables Kaká to play against opponents everywhere in the world. Thanks to German quality and longevity, Kaká will be able to enjoy his portable console for a long time. Even though he is retired, he can now relive his biggest football memories on the virtual field everywhere he wants.